Case studies

HeyWork is a service that helps startups, freelancers and individual businessmen to find and rent the places in coworking workspaces of varying comfortability. HeyWork gives the possibility to search not only by a required workspace parameters but also by suitable coworkers, quickly and over a user-friendly intuitive interface.

Especially useful this platform is for freelancers who are tired from working at home.

Involvement / participation

When our team joined the project, HeyWork platform had already been working. Website's owners invited us to help improve the service.

The first deal of business was to migrate the site, which is based on an open source Sharetribe platform from the Sharetribe servers onto the customer's hosting which allowed to optimize the site's operation and security.

Next came the Stripe Connect integration. This payment gateway was chosen to make the service more user-friendly.

At last, we were requested to make some changes to the apartment renting module. After an upgrade, it became possible to rent not just the whole apartment but also a part of it. It lets the clients expand their possibilities and save money as well.

The listed changes have already been implemented but there is still some work to do which is now discussed with the HeyWork team.

When we got a request from HeyWork owners, we were tasked with making changes to the platform code. Among the main requirements, such should be mentioned:

  • The platform migration to the own hosting;
  • Customization of some influential points;
  • Integration of Stripe Connect payment gateway to make the platform more comfortable;
  • Some new useful capabilities to increase the quality of the service.

With all these changes, HeyWork became more comprehensible and user-friendly.

Our cooperation with HeyWork started with the migration. The task was accomplished pretty fast and then the next steps were discussed.

Next step was integrating the Stripe Connect to the platform. After this, we implemented some more changes such as interface optimizations and additional user capabilities.

Currently the cooperation continues. We are discussing what other changes should be made in the nearest future. Also, we are going to control the work of the webservice to ensure its problem-free work.

While working on the project we used a number of technologies that let us achieve some great results.

The platform was made on the basis of Ruby on Rails. This Ruby language framework supports working with web templates and integrating them into web-services and databases. It allowed us to create the platform really fast and make it operate extremely smoothly.

Among other useful tools we implemented are Amazon ES2 and Amazon S3, which allowed us to provide the website with high computing power so it can process a huge amount of data.

Moreover, we used Amazon CloudFront to provide users with a qualitative and safe content in the shortest time.


During our cooperation with HeyWork, we have already made a great deal of fine-tuning to make the service operate better. As a result, the platform became more efficient and more comprehensible for users.

We already finished a significant part of the project but some changes and updates should still be done which means that we are going to continue our work. Not to mention the ongoing website maintenance and technical support.