Case studies

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About the project/client

JumpFame is a great assistant for business owners who want to promote their goods online. This marketplace platform provides an opportunity to find the social influencers that will let you promote your company, involve more clients, and make it successful.

  • The platform makes it easy to get an information about the numerous influencers and choose which ones suit you the most.
  • Due to the comfortable search tool, it is easy to surf through the influencers’ database.
  • The most convenient plan can be chosen right after your decided on the influencer.
  • All the information that is necessary for your promotion can be included immediately so the influencer will add it as soon as possible.
  • The platform’s payment security guarantees you to get the necessary services right on time.

In fact, the JumpFame platform allows to reduce the time losses and find the necessary social influencers fast. The service is accessible and simple which makes a great assistant for the client.

Involvement / participation

The platform had already been operating successfully when we started our cooperation with JumpFame. However, some renovations were still needed to be made as it worked on the .NET technology. Our main task was to migrate JumpFame fast and successfully.

After the discussion with our clients, we decided to use Sharetribe platform which provides both our developers and customers with great capabilities. Due to the platform’s flexibility, it was pretty easy to conduct the service migration and develop it further.

As soon as we got the project, we started making some refinements. After the migration process had been conducted, we started discussing with the client the next steps that should be taken. As a result, we integrated Stripe Connect and Instagram with the platform, which made it more user-friendly and opened new possibilities. In future, it is planned to integrate some more social networks.

The next stage of our cooperation was focused on the registration process. We aimed to make it easier and more comfortable for users.

Afterwards, it was necessary to improve the search tool of the platform so we renovated some points and made it easier to find the needed social influencer as various filters were added to make the service work smoothly.

There is the main point we have already done. For the moment we continue our cooperation and decide on the aspects that should be improved.

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JumpFame aimed to improve its functionality and make it more accessible and comprehensible for the users. The issues of registration and search were needed to be improved. Also, the clients wanted to add integration with some social networks.

Taking into consideration the fact that the service had already been created before our cooperation with clients and the only thing we needed to do was to add some improvements, it was not so difficult to do. Of course, to make everything work as necessary, we constantly stayed in touch with our clients to discuss all the changes. It allowed us to make the service work smoothly.

We started to JumpFame modernization from moving it to another platform that’s why we were able to increase the developmental capabilities. Then, we started optimization of the search tool (for the sake of user-friendliness) and the registration process (to make an account registration utterly fast & simple), as well as the integration with the Stripe Connect and Instagram social networks.

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For the moment, some changes has been made. JumpFame was successfully moved to another platform. Also we worked over registration and search tools to make the service customers friendly and comprehensible. Moreover Stripe Connect and Instagram integration was added. But we still have a lot of work to do.

As you see some significant changes has been done but we still have some work planed to be done. Some more improvements are going to be implemented in the nearest future. First of all, we are going to add an integration with more other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.