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About the project/client

Meshwar is a project, based on the Arcadier SaaS platform to provide car renting possibilities to the Egyptian people. Here users can become a sellers or a renter to rent a car for certain days to drive through the Egypt. It is a simple to use renting marketplace for users from all around the world who wants to visit Egypt.

Lease your car to a stranger is not an easy decision, but marketplace becomes a warranty provider in such relationships.

Involvement / participation

Our main task was to modify the Arcadier platform to become more user friendly and to provide more options. The main goal on the first stages was to create a payment possibilities as a standalone API, which will allow us to have a customized payment page and provide flexibility for payments.

The main issue to customize the platform was that we can make an influence only on the frontend parts of the web site via custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The next step after implementing a custom payment we started to make visual customizations: hiding some functionality and adding advanced logic for buttons interactions.

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Meshwar project came to us with the idea to create a marketplace based on the Arcadier platform to try the Egyptian car renting market. The main tasks that were standing before us:

- Add a custom payment method for future flexibility; - Make visual changes; - Create static pages on WordPress.

On the first stage of the work with the project the main customer’s idea was to have a Stripe Connect with the custom payment page, stylized with the guidance on how to pay with the credit card. So we’ve created a pretty design for that page, placed the Stripe API on the DigitalOcean instance.

Than the visual Arcadier issues and improvements were taking place. We’ve rebuild some restrictions and availability functionality.

The last step was to create a Guidance help static pages on the WordPress. We’ve started from these pages design and then implemented them.

As a base for the marketplace we’ve used the Arcadier SaaS platform. It is a powerful tool to create the marketplace pretty fast and simple.

The payment was made by using of the Stripe API with RoR Framework on the backend. All of the static pages were made and stylized on the WordPress CMS.

Meshvar&Roobykon Software


Right now the marketplace is fully functional and already live and doing a good marketing job to invite Sellers. The next step would be to invite Buyers.

We are continuing to support it and once Buyers will join it up we will continue improving user experience for better website usage.