Marketplace Platform Advisor

Get insights for your new marketplace implementation

Welcome to the Marketplace Platform Advisor, designed by Roobykon to help you identify the most suitable marketplace platform for your business. Here, in a few simple steps, you’ll discover which platform can best help you to deliver your project, on-time and on-budget – as well as giving you all the future expansion and customization options you might need.

Our Advisor considers both free, open-source options, and platforms available to purchase for a fee (for which source code is provided following payment). Options range from WordPress (and all of the themes and plugins available for it) and Magento (in combination with a marketplace plugin), to open-source solutions like Sharetribe – to name just a few.

We’ll now guide you through a short series of questions – up to 16, depending on your answers – on the basis of which we’ll make our recommendation. You will also have the option of receiving an extended report, detailing the most suitable options for to you, via email. And of course, if you’d like our further assistance in moving forward with your project, our business analysis team are on hand to help.

We’ve tried to make the Marketplace Platform Advisor as straightforward and accessible as possible – but if there’s any part you’re unsure about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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